An individual, unique, exclusive, discreet program for couples, who want to become empowered, be inspired and reawaken that spark of love and passion that will lead to growth, both in a relationship and one's own life.

Loving Touch is the perfect choice for couples that want to explore eroticism and sensuality together.

Loving Touch will help you deepen your intimate relationship and attain new levels of connectednessUnlock your language of love with a Loving Touch that goes beyond words and naturally encourages deep connection, sensuality and eroticism.

Who is this for?

For all who want:

  • to embrace the real POWER of a Loving Touch that can take your intimate relationship to new levels.
  • to awaken a deeper PASSION and LOVE for your partner and yourself.
  • the inner masculine WARRIOR to become a more SENSUAL LOVER.
  • the inner GODDESS to be able to express herself and shine in all her RADIANT BEAUTY.
  • to explore every possible aspect of their SENSUALITY and EROTICISM.
  • to spice it up, have some liberated fun and play, and CONNECT DEEPER AGAIN.


A four-day individual, 1-on-1 couples workshop that takes you into a world of true, understanding, eroticism and deep connection, and drives your relationship to newer levels.

Connection session

Awareness session

Loving Touch session

The Loving Touch closing session

1. Connection session

In order to customise the Loving Touch program to our client’s specific needs, wishes and expectations we have a first, introductory, relaxed meeting. It’s paramount to us that we all feel the right vibe during our Loving Touch sessions as we will be sharing our most intimate secrets and experiences with you.

Using this first introduction to gather a little bit more information about your needs, your challenges and desires, Jasmina will carefully, and with love, create your "magic Loving Touch potion”…. your own, unique and exclusive Loving Touch MIST.

The unique scent of Loving Touch MIST, is developed and created with the help of 100% natural essential oils and fully adapted to your needs, wishes and taste. Your Loving Touch MIST will become your faithful companion on your journey, encouraging you, relaxing you, always and anywhere creating a mystical, erotic and intimate atmosphere ...

Unlock your language of love with a Loving Touch that goes beyond words and naturally encourages deep connection, sensuality and eroticism.

2. Awareness session

At the awareness session we will explore aromatherapy, mindfulness, communication, sexology and connection through breathing.

Aromatherapy (the power of scent from natural essential oils)

We explore the effects of aromatherapy on your emotional and mental states, and how this affects your awareness, views and beliefs on your relationship, intimacy, passion and sensuality. You will learn how different scents can deepen your connection and improve your well-being, as well as heighten your state of arousal for a more erotic and sensual experience.


With the effects of aromatherapy in full effect we practice mindfulness to help you to strengthen your presence and awareness in the relationship in the present moment…here and now. Within Loving Touch this is key to developing a better understanding and insight into the deep, loving connections between you. Your arousal start building …


To speak, to communicate, to hear, to be heard and to be sure that you have been understood correctly. Listen, hear and understand what is heard… Through a range of listening and communication tools we explore your communications style. You’ll realise that we need all senses available in the present moment… it is not only the eyes and ears that will be working. Good communication is the key to a good relationship in all areas of life, but more importantly key to taking intimacy, sensuality and that erotic spark to another level.

Sexology and your sexual health

Who are we in these most sensual, intimate and erotic moments? What do we want? Who is your partner? What are their instant needs and wishes? Where should you not go? In this session we explore how you both safely and comfortably can spice up the intimate part of life so that you both remain filled with deep love and connection, but remain satisfied in your own needs. It is important to know, understand and respect each other's sexual needs but also each others limits. Most often these are unspoken, unwritten, not clearly defined. We explore your relationship’s unspoken and unwritten relationship contract and check the balance between erotic and intimate desires, and expectations. This process often reduces, even resolves, mental and physical performance issues). We can help you define the relationship model (monogamous, polygamous, polyamorous….or just different). We can also explore gender definition and identity . Together with you, we develop a safe environment where we can discover unexplored areas of your sensual and erotic life.

The breath connection

We are our breath. Breathing is the most basic human function and it expresses our state of mind, our emotions, our state of health. We explore breathing patterns and all the different muscles and body regions involved in breath…from our mouth, all the way down to the pelvic floor. We use breathing exercises to connect with each other but also connect our mind and focus to our body. Understanding healthy breathing patterns can help reduce stress and tension, increases arousal, and can reduce performance issues. From the pelvic floor we push our breath up all the way to our head and mind, bringing ourselves into the present, right into the core of being together. Loving Touch and breath go hand in hand to make your most, true and honest connection with your partner, feeling and being able to follow their breath allows you to give and receive at the same time …

Unlock your language of love with a Loving Touch that goes beyond words and naturally encourages deep connection, sensuality and eroticism.

3. Loving Touch session

In this session we explore and teach various forms of touch and erotic massage techniques that will help deepen passion, sensuality and intimacy between partners.

Touch is an extremely powerful tool that has the ability to awaken emotions that are often buried deep within us. With the power of Touch, you will be able to explore every centimetre of your bodies and discover not only physical pleasure, but also emotional and spiritual connection. Every gentle touch, every loving pressure will act as a bridge between you, building a solid foundation for your relationship.

Mastering the art of touch will allow you to fully connect with your partner in a way that transcends everyday interactions. By being able to feel and respond to your partner's needs, you will become more sensitive to their wishes and feelings, which will strengthen your mutual understanding and respect.

The one giving Loving Touch needs to carefully balance giving and receiving through mindful touch … many do not realise until knowing Loving Touch that giving is also receiving. Stef demonstrates all techniques on Jasmina and gives you tips on how to approach and meet the specific needs of your partner, while Jasmina can give you feedback from a partner’s viewpoint.

Amongst others, you will learn the following techniques:


Loving Touch definitely starts with loving yourself. If you do not overflow with love for yourself, then how can you share love with others? Self-massage techniques help you discover and nurture your own body and increase your sense of self-love. When you feel more comfortable in your own skin, you will also be more open to connecting with your partner. Self-massage is also the perfect way to explore your own likes and dislikes, which is paramount to be able to communicate to your partner while giving and receiving.

Relaxation touch

You learn relaxation massage techniques that involve gentle and soothing movements and pressure on key points on the body to help reduce stress and tension and deepen your sense of connection.

Sensual touch

Using gentle, rhythmic touching movements and your own Loving Touch oil creates an erotic atmosphere. Knowing how to read your receiving partner while exploring erogenous zones and synching your breath and energies strongly increases sensuality and the feelings of arousal between partners.

Energy massage

These techniques focus on the flow of energy in your bodies and help you both sync up to find harmony in giving and receiving. Some might say we work on the energy flow through the energy centres or chakras. Whatever, happens we feel an inner harmony and deep connection between partners and raise the level of vitality. The dance of energies, now really begins between the both of you…

Foot massage

A full Loving Touch session with your partner requires time, focus and the right mental space… A Loving Touch foot massage can be the ultimate quick fix for times when a full Loving Touch session is not possible. It can help relieve tension throughout the body and promote a sense of connection and closeness between partners. It can literally be the quick fix that your relationship needs in these difficult moments. Let us teach you some specific techniques that relax and sooth any situation immediately.

The erogenous zones and touch

There are more than 20 erogenous zones on the human body, and men and women react very differently to stimulation of the these zones. There is a big difference between touching, being touched, seeing and not seeing,…. in stimulating arousal. By knowing how to touch, when, where and using more of your senses, you can literally orchestrate the melodies and rhythm of your building passion and sensuality. We explore and stimulation the different zones  to increase sexual arousal and sense of sensuality and intimacy during our Loving Touch massage ritual.
Unlock your language of love with a Loving Touch that goes beyond words and naturally encourages deep connection, sensuality and eroticism.

4. The Loving Touch closing session

Your questions and all our answers. Ideally, after a period of a few weeks we meet again. You’ll have practiced the Loving Touch ritual and its different components on each other and we know many questions and issues will have arisen. This is the right time to sit and relax together and discuss all the sensations, emotions and feelings that have been awakened during this process. We will share our most intimate experiences with you to give comfort and guidance in your path to deeper intimacy, exploding passion and magic sensuality.

The Loving Touch ritual. Now that you have mastered your Loving Touch skills, we can switch the giver and receiver roles. While you can of course use your Loving Touch skills and techniques individually, they really come together in a Loving Touch ritual that flows and the increases arousal so that you both can loose yourselves in the moment. Join us in this wonderful, erotic, intimate and sensual trip.

Unlock your language of love with a Loving Touch that goes beyond words and naturally encourages deep connection, sensuality and eroticism.

Join us on this wonderful, erotic, intimate and sensual journey

When? Whenever you are ready, by prior mutual agreement.

Only 5 workshops a year.

Prerequisite for conducting the workshop is an introductory meeting, during which we explore the chemistry between us. To ensure our clients the best possible experience we too need to feel that positive energy.

Where? There where you feel the most comfortable.

Our Loving Touch workshops can be held in a wonderful, peaceful, loving atmosphere at our location in Ljubljana. However, if you feel more comfortable in your own dream location, you can always organise alternative locations at your own initiative and expense.

Pricing: 2.390 €, 16 hours, Loving Touch workshop*

  • For domestic clients we recommend spreading the workshop over 4 days, with 4-6 week intervals
  • For international clients we recommend an intensive course spread over consecutive 2 days


  • Unlimited access to Loving Touch educational movie library, valued at 490,00.
  • Development and creation of your unique Loving Touch MIST scent, valued at 690,00€
  • 10% discount on future Loving Touch courses

Yes, we want to explore eroticism and sensuality together. We want to deepen our intimate relationship and attain new levels of connectedness.

Loving Touch workshop is just what we are looking for.


Who are Jasmina and Stef?

Yin and Yang, opposites but complementary. A woman and a man, a wife and a husband, a partner, a lover, a co-parent, calmness, exclusivity, a person of emotional support and a person of touch. Partners who together went through very difficult life experiences that could not separate us, but connected us even more. Partners who have also experienced many extremely beautiful, spiritual events together. A partner who dreams, creates and grows together. Partners who support each other even in the most unlikely ideas. Lovers who love and respect each other more with every passing year thanks to Loving Touch techniques and bodywork. We are two beings held together in Oneness at the foundation of our world.

Jasmina - an empathetic person whom people naturally trust. Communication expert, psychoaromatherapist.

Jasmina has a master's degree in intercultural management, with an emphasis on intercultural communication. Solid communication is key in every relationship, both business and even more so in private ones. She graduated in economics in the field of human resource management and international business. She is an expert in the field of education and a certified psychoaromatherapist. She has more than 20 years of work experience in the field of the medical industry, where she successfully managed various projects, developed international business, and developed and implemented various educational programs and trainings.

For the past 10 years, she has been an entrepreneur, where, in addition to B2B (development of unique corporate scents, consulting and workshops for intercultural business), she also provides psychoaromatherapy consultations, coaching and various workshops and trainings. In her Loving Touch work she incorporates her knowledge and experience in the field of aromatherapy, mindfulness and intercultural relationships. She is convinced aromatherapy effectively helps - without much effort on the part of the individual - both in communication, improving well-being and mood; creating a romantic atmosphere and lighting sparks.

“Loving Touch allowed me to grow personally in all my relationships, to express my needs and feelings, and to recognise Stef's needs. In Loving Touch, I combine all the knowledge and experience I have gained in my professional life and in my personal life. Loving Touch is like a child to mine that is continuously growing and developing with me. I am committed to our Loving Touch journey together with Stef and you.” With love, Jasmina

Stef - has been involved with bodywork for over 25 years. He gained his Master's degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium, in 1998. He has been running his own private physiotherapy practice Synovia Physiotherapy in Slovenia for more than 15 years. He is an expert in the assessment and analysis of global posture and treatment. He has lectured and conducted research at university level around the world on various topics in bodywork, global posture, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

More recently, Stef has ventured into the field of somatic experiencing and trauma embodiment. This has increased his skill set to not only treat the body, but also help his patients recover in the mind and soul. Realising that a patient’s entire life is affected by pain, injury and disorder - including one’s sex, erotic and sensual being - Stef also completed studies in sex and couple’s therapy, and is now a Integrates Sex Therapy Institute, certified sex and couple therapy informed professional.

“I feel that Loving Touch is a natural evolution of who I am as a person and a therapist. Through my work, I am obviously hypersensitive to how, why and when I touch people. But I am also sensitive to how, why and when I am touched and what it does to my mental state and emotions. I am well aware of how physical touch is connected to emotions and the psyche. When Jasmina and I go through our Loving Touch rituals, it calms me, helps me focus, grounds me and allows me to explore my deeper feelings. When the stresses of everyday life are too great, I become very insecure and allow past traumas and related emotions and feelings take over. Jasmina and Loving Touch give me security, warmth and comfort. Together we explored many concepts of mindfulness, meditation, bodywork, and relationships and intimacy. Loving Touch is truly the culmination of our shared journey to a healthy, strong and loving spiritual connection and the physical relationship we have developed. I want to share these journeys with you…”

“For many, Loving Touch will create associations with Tantra and all its variations. I agree, we put a lot of tantric wisdom and experiences we had on our journey to where we are into Loving Touch. But I would not like to put Loving Touch in the Tantra box... First of all, there is a rather negative connotation that it is all about "sex", sharing sexual pleasures, sexual freedom in relationships, etc... This is certainly not our goal at Loving Touch . If that's what you're looking for, then our Loving Touch probably isn't for you. For me, tantra was about finding yourself, finding ways to express your sensuality, your need for intimacy, and ways to share that with others in different kinds of relationships, all of which have different boundaries and contexts. Secondly, Loving Touch is not something that can be clearly defined at the moment. It is something that is constantly evolving as we enter different stages of life and different contexts. We want to keep Loving Touch "alive" and allow it to develop within and between us and the people with whom we can share it. I hope we can welcome you on our journey together: Loving touch.” with love, Stef



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